Walk yourself healthy

It’s November and peak season has been and gone. However, that doesn’t mean that we stop operating. We are organising tours all year around and for some of our tours, this is actually the best time of the year. No one is too keen on doing a 6-hour walking tour at 38 degrees in August! The mild winter climate at this time of year lends itself to explore this beautiful area especially on foot. What’s more, there are some really convincing health benefits to walking, so why not walk yourself healthy whilst on holiday?! Here’s a short list of how walking can improve your health:

Top 6 health reasons why walking is good for you:

1.) increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness

2.) reduced risk of heart disease and stroke

3.) improved management of conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes

4.) stronger bones and improved balance

5.) increased muscle strength and endurance

6.) reduced body fat

Walking has never sounded so attractive! So, are you ready? Get in touch and we’ll guide you through the beautiful Costa Vicentina Nature Park on a walking tour! Get healthy and find out more about the flora & fauna as well as local history with your local guide. We have a variety of walking tours available, so check out https://www.sandytoes-algarve.com/hikes  for details !

Learn to ride off-road with us

Having had such positive feedback over the last 18months our Trailriding company – Algarve Trailriding Tours now offers what we ingeniously call the First Time Offroad Experience – FTOE. The name, as logical as it sounds, however, doesn’t necessarily only attract people doing an offroad Trailriding adventure for the first time. It is proving very popular with riders of Dual Sport or larger Adventure Bikes i.e. those on BMW GS1200 or KTM 1190 adventure style motorbikes. We’re finding an increasing number of riders looking to get basic skills experience and confidence whilst riding on smaller sized dirtbikes such as our fleet of AJP 250cc motorcycles. The skills learnt with us are directly transferable to dual sport riding as well as good skills to keep with you for life, regardless of what type of Motorbike you may ride, road, dirtbike etc.

So, if you’re looking for your first time adventure or looking for improved skills/knowledge or needing a shot of confidence, please do ask us at Algarve Trailriding Tours about doing the FTOE course.

Adrealine Hunter, new partner Sandytoes

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with a company specializing in extreme sports & outdoor activities : Adrealine Hunter.
This company exists to help you spend an unbelievable vacation. You can find a lot of very diverse activities, such as jetski, wakeboarding, paragliding, bungee jumping, trailriding, wildlife experience, shark diving … A single goal spend unforgettable moments !

You can find all of our activities on their website www.adrenaline-hunter.com.

Sandytoes offers you a new form of escape : Trailriding Tours

For those of you looking for excitement and adventure Sandytoes Algarve is very happy to tell you, we are now offering Trailriding Tours with our fleet of 3 Trail bikes. What is Trailriding ? How is it different from Enduro. Well in essence whislt Enduro is more competition based our Trailriding Tours are all about enjoying the wonderful countryside and terrain and enjoying fully a days guided offroad Trailriding. Our bikes are perfect for either very experienced riders or the novice offroad rider. We aim to give absolute novices an introduction and safety course before venturing out on the Trails whilst experienced riders get to jump straight into offroading as soon as we leave the Sandytoes Algarve base by heading up into the forest behind us.

In actual fact we have listened to some clients feedback already and we offer Trailriding Tours beginning with half day Tours all the way through to 3 day Tours. So, finding time or making time to come on a Trailriding Tour with us should be easy enough.

To make things even easier as long as you have your full riding license with you, then that’s all you need. Just turn up here and we will provide you with bike/safety gear/fuel/guide and uniquely we also include in the price Personal accident insurance. We believe we are the only Trailriding Tours operator doing that.

The Trails can be combined to suit mixed group abilities but having 3 in a group means we can provide you with a more personal and intimate experience and hopefully make your day even better.

So it is now up to you. Decide whether to come Trailriding with your family or a group of friends or evn by yourself. Remember here at Sandytoes Algarve we have a choice of 3 Holiday Houses and we do a riders B+B package. You can see our website for further information on the Trailriding tab.

Landrover Defenders on the brink of extinction

With the last Land Rover Defender rolling off the production line in January 2016 what does this signal for our Jeep Tours?
For us, the biggest worry is getting hold of Landrover spares. After all how can we keep the Jeep Tours going without them? Thankfully we have an account with one of Europe’s largest Land Rover parts supplier. Based in the UK this means, despite the Brexit, we are paying a little bit less for spares (at the moment). So, hopefully we will be able to keep the Jeep Tour activity going for a few more years at any rate.

Whilst out on a Jeep Tour this week a young German client (girl) asked me what is the tilt angle of a Landrover 110 ? I wasn’t too sure but guessed around 35° (in actual fact I have since found out it’s 40°). What made me pleasantly surprised is that, yet again, we have another client onboard that is young and yet has a real keen interest in the Land Rover marque. It’s somewhat not surprising though, since Land Rovers are the most recognisable car in the World, presumably because back in the 1960’s and 1970’s they were being shipped quite literally all over the World.

This year we have run Jeep Tours for people having birthdays. As a special treat, a youngster and a few Dad’s have been let loose behind the steering wheel of our Land Rover 110 whilst out on a Jeep Safari and have just loved their first encounter with a real offroading car. No accidents or damage either which has kept me happy
So, although our very own Defender 110 maybe just 1 of nearly 2 million Jeeps produced it is indeed a very special one to us and our clients that for the last three years have had an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful wild westcoast of the Algarve when doing a really unique Jeep Safari with us.

Now, we have a ton of spares to fit over the winter months so come next week the car will be in the garage for a few days having upgraded brakes and brake discs fitted.
Hopefully the clients who have pre-booked Jeep Tours with us in November will enjoy the better ride.
Don’t hesitate and book a Jeep Safari with us for personalised groups (we do not mix groups on our Jeep Tours) for a magical family day out. See you soon!

Our family-run tour business

Sandytoes Algarve is very much a family-run business. But what does that mean to us and how does it affect how we work?

We believe that running our business as a family gives us a better understanding of our guests and clients including their expectations and desires when they stay either at our holiday houses, or when they join us on a bike tour, jeep tour, trailriding or guided walk.

There are plenty of families that wonder what to do in the Algarve during their holidays. This is where a day out with Sandytoes stands out. On a tour with us we aim to involve the entire family, no matter how old or young our guests are, we try our best to entertain everyone, parents, grandparents and chidren alike. Having two boys ourselves, we know how important it is to entertain and animate children. During our tours we have witnessed and shared many precious moments when younger guests are excited to find their first geocache or have a first attempt at bodyboarding. It is a wonderful feeling to watch the smile on their faces when they jump in the water for a swim, whizz down the sandune on the bodyboard or when they realise they completed a bike tour that they didn’t think they could finish. Sandytoes is happy and proud to be part of memorable family holidays.

So, here is the latest family photo of the current (and hopefully future) Sandytoes team, including our mascot – Jack Russel-Podengo mixture “Branquinha”. With a bit of luck she’ll become one of your best friends during one of our jeep tours which she loves to join! Hoping to meeting you soon on one of our tours!

Christin, Anton, Matthew, baby Joshua and Branquinha